We are a mixed choir from Gothenburg with approximately 40 members and have developed to an ambitious amateur choir. The choir was founded in 1988 and leader since 1996 is Magnus Ekman. We like to produce musical performances where we mix singing, show and some dancing steps. We have made appreciated tours to Brussels, the French Atlantic coast, Italy, Prague, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Spain.

As a tradition we perform a "Lucia" concert every year in the Gothenburg Cathedral, the largest church in the city. The concert is well known and always draws a full audience.

A somewhat newer tradition is to arrange an out-door concert to honour the spring time. Since 2004 the choir invites all singers within the Gothenburg area to participate in the singing of the traditional songs of the spring. At the concert in 2008 the choir consisted of more than 300 singers.

Don't hesitate to contact us for booking of "Lucia", Christmas or other concerts.





 Contact information:

Margaretha Svensson, chairman, tel 0709-57 73 60

Magnus Ekman, choir leader, 0704-94 57 08